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You take the role of a necromancer general who can resurrect fallen enemy soldiers to control them in its forever growing army.

Defeat an opposing army and right click to necromance their dead bodies!

  • Left click + hold: Move your army
  • Right click: Necromance

Right Click to Necromance is a totally unfinished game by Juicy Beast and developed in 48h as part of Indie Speed Run 2015.

Music by malthiest and korpzeaudio.

Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
AuthorJuicy Beast
Tags2D, army, Destruction, Hack and Slash, knight, Medieval, Mouse only, Real time strategy, Top-Down, War
Average sessionA few minutes


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RCTN.zip 19 MB


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(4 noobs) to download the game press on "download game" and up there it says small "no thanks, take me to download"

Can you get it for Free?

how do you ply right click to necromance if you are on Chromebook

how do you right click if you dont have a mouse?

Right Click to Necromance


how to play ;-;

Right Click to Necromance

Download the folder extract and then select application to play the game.

how do you get the app

See my other commen

how do you get on the app it self

it wont show up

ليش ما دقدر ؟

how do you play?

how do i change my fps so my game is easier

مقدر احمل العب

We need more to this game please


Im going to just assume you didnt read the info on the games main page... 

bc if you did read the main game page, you would have read that this was made in 2015 within 48 hours, for an Indie Speed Run gamejam. 

So there will be no additions, no changes or nothing more to this game than it currently is.

I know that but i think this game as potential for more

This game sometimes get updated in play store (Mobile?). I created an account just for this lol.

I was actually here to see if this one got updated (Which I think it didn't?). Anyways, can you recommend me some games that are similar to this? (It doesn't matter if it's not available on mobile) It's okay if you don't, I'll just search for myself.





Game is fun, but difficulty scale and spawnrate is crazy

If the settings on your monitor is set at anything above 60hz/refresh rate it effects the spawn rate and makes it harder. 

My monitor is 144hz, and I had the same issue. After changing my monitor to 60hz, everything played as it should. You can always up your monitor hz as a higher difficulty later lol.

Turns out the enemy spawning is tied to fps 


Wow, what a coincidence that in a game called Right Click to Necromance that right click would be used to necromance!

very good but difficult


how do i download this friken game i cant open it



unzip the .zip file and then you can play it. (google how to do it if you still dont know)

So unbalanced that its unplayable if you want to have fun.

How is the game "unbalanced" ? 

If your having the same issue as other commenters have with the high spawn rate, you should change your monitor settings to 60hz. The higher your monitor's refresh rate, the higher the games spawn rate is. 

It's a way to increase difficulty if you want later, but the game is from 2015 and was made in a 48hr period for a gamejam. It has its flaws. 

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very fun game

i'm already addicted

my best is 4 simultaneous giant golems

how do play the game

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the large units come in way too early -.-

uh uh, is this you, I didn't want to put a virus on my phone lol


or its just some plagiarism?


Big units come in wayyyy too fast.

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how do you get in

what do i do to play the game? I've downloaded the game.

I don't know how to download it


great game 

Fun little jam game!


Hey, so you know those stupid mobile game ads that show gameplay based on "click a smaller number than yours to add it to you, you lose if you click a larger one"? Well... this is like that, except with ACTUAL MECHANICS. And very fun.


This game was a lot of fun. Great work! 


Played this game on my channel. SUPER fun, and kinda addicting! Subscribe if you enjoyed my video on it and check out my other videos on my channel!

I want to login


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A simple concept but damn, it just works! Piece of advice: Choose well who do you want to fight and never spread too thin. I'd love to one day see a hard mode where the enemies fight each other and can revive their enemies as well. Also I think we'd all appreciate a pause button and a option to save our progress. 


just increase your fps more will spawn

Deleted post


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