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You take the role of a necromancer general who can resurrect fallen enemy soldiers to control them in its forever growing army.

Defeat an opposing army and right click to necromance their dead bodies!

  • Left click + hold: Move your army
  • Right click: Necromance

Right Click to Necromance is a totally unfinished game by Juicy Beast and developed in 48h as part of Indie Speed Run 2015.

Music by malthiest and korpzeaudio.


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RCTN.zip 19 MB


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How do you download this thing

Such a fun little game :D So simple but very addictive and surprisingly difficult.

This was so much fun and surprisingly addictive! Is there going to be anymore updates to this in the future? :D

thought i give my take on this game

Export for Linux please!

Great Game! I would love to see this game develop more and have more modes or even levels. Super cool game though, and really enjoyed playing it! Check out my playthrough here. Want to see more from this game, and hope there are plans to further develop this game!

For this game being so short and created in a small amount of time I can't seem to stop playing it. This really is a super fun game!

I had a lot of fun playing this, If there was multiplayer it would be even better.

Thanks Mom!

nice game!

fun game, wish it would get updated


Check out my quick let's play! Cool little game!

can I make a video with this?

I tried this game again to see how far I would get, It was just as good the second time! However, I wish that there was more to this game, can't wait to see if it ever updates!!!


Thank you for making this game, it is a lot of fun and very addicting!

Great game! Very simple!

Hiii is this going to be getting any more love from Devs xD?

So niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice !!!! (french comment !)


so i finally managed to keep the game running by killing my own units. eventually the game becomes a complete incoherent mess though. mobs will eventually aggro. it start off fun and entertaining and quickly becomes very frustrating. eventually you can nolonger necromance and are forced to fight many different battles to get one new spread out unit of troops. over half this unit dies when you necromance. one star, no donation. terrible game. pro tip make the units stick together and dont put all the the groups in the middle to be an unfair asshole XD just because i get to the end of the game does not mean u have to make it unbeatable.

This game is so addicting, so simple and so much fun!

Hey man, look this game please: https://moraesstudio.itch.io/super-smash-monsters

it crashes, also if you push escape it just closes. on the verge of uninstalling definetly not donating until its fixed. we want to see a pause menu for the player. and no crashes.

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