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There's no OS X version ;-;


If someone could make this available to OS X, that would be great. I so wanna play it

Pretty good game. It hard at the start but a few games later wow i mange to have four of those big ones and I didn't lose so i think you need to have a huge boss fight because my army can kill everything and I got bored

This is a great game which made the most of a wonderfully fun game mechanic. Really stellar work, 5 stars.

- ACG School of Design

i dont know ho to open the game

this game needs online create online servers pls


not bad game little hard :)

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Hey guys check out my gameplay of RCTN

and here's mine :)

This is basically squirrel eat squirrel on the raspberry pi


use wine its a app that lets you play exe games on a mac it works with this


Please Make This For Mac It Looks Really Fun Tho....

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add me on skype xjackpvp ill help for ideas


you should add power ups like speed for golem and and add levels that adds same troops and diffrent ones

If you wanna see max size for a unit check out the later half.

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So much fun!!!!!! Made another video


look at wasteland dans instructions if you cant get in, it worked for me! (8 comments down)

this is very oddly addictive.

how do you make it work on chromebook

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How do you make it work on Microsoft Edge? I open it and it pulls up some file stuff.

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Great game my first video:


I need help getting this game like can someone make a video how to do it cause not even the instructions helped i spent over a hour trying to download this game HELP!!!

Looky mr dev, awesome game <3.


To everyone who seems to have issues opening this game:

  1. Right click on the downloaded file
  2. Select "Extract All..."
  3. Click "Browse"
  4. Click "Desktop" at the top
  5. Click "Make New Folder" - Name the folder whatever you want
  6. Click "OK"
  7. Now open the folder you made on your desktop, and enjoy the game!

No need to download anything, it is a simple .zip folder, Windows can extract it on it's own.

i dont understand,i dont have browse on my computer

any FREE programs that can run it??


i had pretty much beaten then game then i lost control of my people and everyone stopped attacking


you need to open the file using a program that can open it personally i use winrar then when you open it just run the .exe file and play

How the hell do you play it i?


how do you play the game aster you download it??

how to go in the game and and play how do I use the 7 z


will this game get uptaded


A blast, hand's down. You should definitely play it!

Don't believe me? Watch:

i have a question,after you download the game,how do you get into the game?

For Windows, you right click on the .zip folder and extract files where you want them. Then open the extracted folder, and play the game.


how about mac?

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i didnt know how to play the game untill i opened wine and then it worked

so fun!

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This game is too much fun haha! I made a video showcasing my experience! Can't wait to see this game grow!


Awesome Game!!! Had so much fun on it and I WILL DEFIANTLY! Be following this game! Check it out people!



You so need to have a multiplayer version of this! The new and better


Really good! Has a lot of potential.

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