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i played this game before and it was challenging but not exactly hard but any metric. but now it just seems like someone cranked up the spawn rate to the highest it could go, the moment you get big enough to move on to the giant slammer in the bottom, you get attacked by multiple groups since you are too big to move in between through the little gaps. i played this for maybe an hour and a half and i couldnt get to that last enemy

I’m struggling to find out how to download the actual game on ipad ;-;

very nice game !!!


Health bars would be really cool too. Plus you could have a scoring system where the most health points you have on your run is your score.


How do you play the game on your phone

Deleted post

Very addicting game! If it had an online mode then this would be the best game on itch.


nice game!!!

The game is quite fun and addicting. The art style is also pretty neat. All you require for it is a mouse. There aren't really any controls, so it's beyond simple to play but still enjoyable nonetheless.


lookin good

how do you open it

anyone know any mods for this game

other then texture packs.

just found this weird glitch where after i killed something i lost all control and all my units just started sliding across the map

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it would be really cool if you could continue the game but I understand if you don't but here are some suggestions for if you decide you want to a dragon which shoots fire balls every few seconds that inflicts burning which damages an enemy every second and does one tenth of the dragons damage improvement to your army's ai and the enemy ai new maps more difficulty's a way to adjust spawn rates another tier of knights more units a way to adjust volume and more platforms that you can play it on challenges where you need to use strategy to win them and maybe add a multiplayer mode where you can battle your friends or people online(thank you for reading my rant)

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use , my guy

Health bars would be cool to have as well. Maybe not for your own army but other armies.

please make it available for IOS because I can’t download the app 


Please add mac :

esse jogo é muito bom

this game is so cool, the gameplay makes it feel intense while also withholding the fun mechanisms of gameplay, highly suggest.

P.S. if the game is too difficult for you, turn down your FPS, spawn rates and FPS are linked :)



how do you play

drag to move,when you kill a group of enemies you right click

My collegue classmate said the swords look like baseball bats, but I really like the game.

why no mac

how do i get in


make a vidio


how do you donlode it

how do you play it

Continue it.




very simple gameplay but challenging.


Esse jogo é legalzinho, tem uma ideia bem interessante e é divertido, o único problema são os controles e a maneira como funciona os guardas, eles são automáticos e as vezes eles vão pra cima de um inimigo sem que você decida isso e acaba prejudicando bastante o jogo, outro problema também é o fato do jogo ter o botão Esc como uma forma de sair dele que por extinto eu acabei apertando Esc para pausar o jogo e meio que perdi todo o meu progresso já que o jogo em si não tem save, no geral  jogo é divertido e por ser de graça vale a pena dar uma conferida. 

Average session: a few minutes. DangeouslyFunny: is this a challenge?

hey another dangerously funny fan also i played for a whole day and i was pretty sure i could go infinite but then my run got ended by the horrible button called esc.

hahahahaha, I know that feeling


Everyone is asking for new features in a 6 year old game lol


can you add a menu, i want to change the volume of the music

I also want this. I want to be able to change my screen settings and size.

-_- It is really needed.

You should add a way to realize the contributions for metamask or something wallet. 


how to play


I assume you didn't even look at the page before asking this bc it tells you in the description below the picture. Very simple with only 2 buttons. 

the could also just look at the title and the text that pops up beside the cursor when you start but anyone would see that so i assume there talking about not know how to unzip a file right click then press unzip enter the new file and start the application easy make sure rctn data is next to the application


kinda good kinda cringe with the mechanics


love the style and idea great game


why isnt it free


It is free.

didyou seriously think that you needed to pay for it it says choose your own price and when you click on download you can just click the text above the price you think its worth that says "no thanks, just take me to downloads" and it takes  you to the download page for free also I personally think its worth the money suggested for it but im to poor to buy it and I bet the real reason your asking why a game is 2 dollars is because you cant even afford 5 cent candy.

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also please dont be mad at this comment i just wanted to kamikaze


downloaded it like 10 times still cant play it


Same altought not close 10 times lol


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if not windows wont work

you need to unzip the package in files and then go into the unzipped folder and click twice on the game called rctn which has the file type application next to it make sure your in the unzipped rctn folder or else it wont work also make sure is next to the application or else it will not work make sure to follow my directions or else it will not work

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