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10/10 yall


best basic game i have ever seen RCTN 10/10

how do i play it? i download now what?

Without a mute option or sound control That will be a pass for me.

i have Goten The Big Giant is Op

i give this game five starts!

If you are looking for a quick, fun, endlessly playable free game; This one may be what you are looking for. Right Click To Necromance is a fun rouelike RPG game where you start with 5 weak swordsman. You are a necromancer controlling your undead army and whenever you kill enemies, you right click to revive them as your own undead servants

i love this game bc you can murder and revive like real life

but you can't revive at real live :'(

yes you  can

i love it


Simple but very enjoyable.


Can I not play on iPad

i cant download it!


I download but it won't work


This is one of the best games ever!


You should defintly improve on this. It`s a great game! I would love to see a co-op or maybe player vs player(s) mode. Keep on the awesome work!


area 21 maybe you find a pokermon you gotta catch them all maybe that is what they are hiding ooofff.

thanks juicy beast

cool game

great simple game 

mmmm good game


They should definitely improve on this!

I would love to see a multiplayer version.

froggy froggy




good :)


hey frogs



hey why are frogs ???

it doesn't work!!!!!!!!!!





This was a very fun game that had a surprising amount of depth from such simple rules. I think this could easily be developed into great game.

IDK if it was intended or not but units appear to go faster when the mouse is farther away. 





This game is really cool !


i think you should add some more enemys and monster and more. the game will be so cool if you did that


Hey! Got to admit this a pretty simple but challenging game but as soon as you start it you can't just stop! Well done guys! NECROMANCE! 

Have you considered participating in out GDWC #gamedev contest? 

Check out our page for more infos :) 


I think I did pretty well.


This is soooooo fun
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