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Really great game though.

There should be quests and an ending instead of infinitely playing after defeating the big stone golem. Like after that, there is no point to play. Like in ROTMG, you may restart constantly, but theres still a point to play.



I runied the video under me!

I had wanted to play this on my channel for a while and finally got a request for it! It's as much fun as I thought it would be! (And a bit harder)


This was a really fun game. After watching GravyDog play it for the channel, I (Quazky) had to play it for myself after recording. It's very tricky at first but quite fun once you get enough soldiers.

I had so much fun playing this game and it is super addictive! I just wanted to keep playing it for hours on end just to get even further into it! I did make a small gameplay video for it on my channel and if you got the chance to check it out I'd be really appreicative. In the meantime, thank you for creating such a fun and addicitive game! 

this is an amzing game sometimes but most times when i attack 1 group multiple groups around the map just come and attack me too so i end up fighting 5 groups and dieing



i have a black screen

This game is so much fun ever since I saw I wanted to play it really awesome game love the characters 

This game is so short yet so fun

how do i play tish game

Really neat game

Really neat game

It's good game. Very similar to, but better.

Can you please add some sort of easy mode? I suck at video games :/

I love RCTN 

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Love this game, but somehow i broke the game just before i wanted to fight against a golem. xD this happened the first time i played it.


Hi developer Juicy Beast. I played so much hours and suggest my friends. So simple and basic game but if you have time and add a little options more be great. My suggest more backgraund placec and npc monster be great. Thanks for meeting this game.


Different biomes??

four elemenht fire, water, earth( in game biomes), air. i think this way

Bloody loved it.

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