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good game


Great game

jes i agree

I just wish this game worked on OSX or any other operating system than windows, because then more people could play the game. Unfortunately, it hasn't been touched in years, and I doubt it will be.

i'm probably gonna get hate just for showing i exist but they won't update the game cause it was made in an indie speed run/indie game jam. in other words, this was just a fun game some random person made in like a day or two.



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Hey guys, here's a game that looks very much alike RCTN, seems relatively cool: 

Thanks Bro , it Look so Cool

Yeah. I'm stoked to see what the game will actually look like when it's done.

Small little game that is very fun, I would keep playing this but I couldn't with a few problems. After a little while only big guys started to come and it made it to difficult, besides that the game was great. This was the first game I played.

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In current build unless you trade perfectly all the time - you lose pretty fast. No comback mechanism whatsoever because map is so densly spammed you can't even farm outliers even if youre very careful and use stones to split them.
Great game tho.



Make a new update with new characters, maps, and specials.


my zip is expired so i can not play your awsome game. please help.

wow cookl ede



how do I get to play the game I donloeded it but I can't open it


How do I get the game to open to allow me to play it? I downloaded it and such.

me too im so confused having the same problem

if u have found it out can u tell me?

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if you have winRAR you should be able to open it


how do get the game to come on

It's pretty good < 3

love this gam 8/10


A bit annoying that other enemies rush into the battle that I MIGHT just be able to win and then ruin it for me. Also annoying that I can't bring my soldiers away from a fight after they're involved. Final complaint is that I can't necromance a soldier or two when I corner them (I have to kill a group to necromance them). Other than those complaints, it's a really good game.


I don't your complaining about that. It adds realism and a hint of difficulty for enemies to charge at you. And  it would be way to easy to beat the game if you could necromance each individual soldier. You just need to get better at managing. 



how do I download this game?

It is awsome

Plz add is to apple

I am playing it on My MacOS. Just download WINE.


A nice game. Becomes repepetive after a while though

Just throwing this out there


my game not start ?

check if the data folder is in the same folder as the .exe

Great game - I really liked it!

Even though it is from 2015 I really hope you will do some further development on the game!

you are noob

Indeed I am - Not like I have used a lot of time playing the game :)

Thank you for watching!

how do I install it



yah yeet is good

verry god. this had potential

it looks fuuuun


Shut Up


you need to pay

No just click No thanks take me to download...


i haye that it needs to be downloaded with pay!!!!

you don't just click the don't pay in the top

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