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good :)


hey frogs



hey why are frogs ???

it doesn't work!!!!!!!!!!





This was a very fun game that had a surprising amount of depth from such simple rules. I think this could easily be developed into great game.

IDK if it was intended or not but units appear to go faster when the mouse is farther away. 





This game is really cool !


i think you should add some more enemys and monster and more. the game will be so cool if you did that


Hey! Got to admit this a pretty simple but challenging game but as soon as you start it you can't just stop! Well done guys! NECROMANCE! 

Have you considered participating in out GDWC #gamedev contest? 

Check out our page for more infos :) 


I think I did pretty well.


This is soooooo fun

I mean I cant play


I cancantt play




Juicy Beast, I'd like to add some functionality to this game, a settings menu, pause and unpause, windowed mode and a few others, is it possible you can make the source available to me somewhere ?

Love how simple and challenging it is.

wont let me download or get in the gam


wont let me download xd


i have been here for a hour but it wont let me download send help


i can't play ;-;


mother fucker

For some reason the game does not start it asks for the file although I extracted


This is a great fun FREE game!!!!!!!!!!!

who dowload free ?

Do you mean HO

this game is honestly really fun :)

this is a fun stress releiver 


How u download

how do you play ii dowlouded it

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Hi, my name is "JuMeongE". I am working on YouTube in Korea.

This is my first indie game!

It was very interesting and fun.

Thank you very much for creating these games!

Thanks to you, I want to experience many indie games in the future.

(#// If the video is a problem, please let me know!)

게임 정말 재밌었구요! 요즘의 온라인 게임과는 또다른 재미였습니다!

앞으로도 인디게임 많이많이 접해보고싶구요! 

그와함께 저만의 재미로 영상도 만들어서 함께하고싶습니다!



 I want it freeeeee.


how do u start




one of my troops has engaged hyper mode and goes faster than all the other troops

also, i din't know there was blood in this game

how do you download

you press download and sellect the one for you

Very Good



good game


Great game

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